Investment Philosophy

Our objective is to bolster innovative entrepreneurs and nurture globally competitive businesses with scalability from Japan. By leveraging our networks and partnerships, we aim to spread successful experiences across Japan and contribute to enhancing global competitiveness.

Investment Criteria

Our core value is to strike a balance between investment returns and social impact.
Through our investment as a lead or lead-equivalent position in the participating rounds, we strive to offer global perspective support and development to our portfolio companies.
Investment returns
  • Achieving revenue growth through technological and service innovations
  • Attaining early profitability
  • Ensuring realistic valuations at entry
  • Unlocking potential for valuation through overseas business expansion and attracting foreign investors


Socially impactful business
  • Environmental technologies capable of addressing climate change and decarbonization
  • Technologies and services that contribute to solving social issues aligned with the SDGs
  • Deep-tech technologies with the potential for global expansion and scalability

Investment Stage

Our primary focus lies in mid-stage startups that have successfully completed the proof-of-concept stage and early stages. We observe a significant gap in funding rounds, especially as companies advance beyond the initial stages.
We are dedicated to selecting mid-stage investments, targeting companies exhibiting growth potential, attractive valuations, and clear exit paths.
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Investment Region

We primarily invest in Japanese startups with a strong focus on Kyushu region. Our expansion into Kyushu in 2021 aligns strategically with Fukuoka City's active promotion of the "International Financial City" initiative supported by the Japanese government.
We recognize the absence of significant risk capital providers for mid-stage startups in Japan and this trend is particularly pronounced in Kyushu.
We view Japan as currently offering appealing and pressing opportunities for our venture investment.