Chaintope Inc.
Development of blockchain infrastructure and applications for realizing traceability, visualization of CO₂ emission reductions, and digital certificates
Operation of "YAMAP", a web service and smartphone application for mountaineering and outdoor activities, and related businesses
Kyulux, Inc.
Development/Manufacturing/Marketing for next generation's OLED materials
Time of investment : May 2024
Time of investment : July 2023
Time of investment : March 2023
EMC Healthcare Co., Ltd.
Development and operation of DX services for nursing homes and childcare facilities
Direct trade platform service between growers and florists
Manufacturing and sales of wind tunnel test equipment and fluid measurement equipment, fluid simulation analysis and design consulting business
Time of investment : November 2022
Time of investment : October 2022
Time of investment : July 2022
Waqua Co., Ltd.
Planning, development, manufacture, and sales of water treatment equipment such as small-scale seawater desalination units and IT services related to water treatment
Time of investment : August 2021